Welcome to my page dedicated to the card collection of Finnish goalie Antti Raanta.
Being a big fan of Finnish hockey, I’ve been following his career since 2010 when he was the goalie of the Finnish club Assat Pori.

I started collecting Antti’s cards in 2013 and unfortunately sold all of his cards in 2017 during a collecting crisis. It was only in April 2022 when I came back to cards again that I immediately knew who I was going to collect, so I restarted my collection again.

I currently own around 200 Antti Raanta cards and I’m still looking for cards I still need for my collection.


If you own any cards or other items that I have listed in the Wantlist, or if you know of anyone who might own them please feel free to contact me. Or get in touch with me through my various social media channels. 


Thanks for viewing my collection!